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Apart from the opportunity to contribute towards our goals you will be working with an inspiring and inclusive group of professionals who share the same passion and drive for tackling climate change at scale.

We address business climate strategies creatively and with commercial priorities front of mind. This means that as well as gaining considerable exposure to environmental challenges, you’ll also become highly knowledgeable of corporate financial priorities and business drivers. This is one of ClimateCare’s key differentiators and what enables us to work with some of the UK’s largest brands.

Founded in Oxford in 1997, we’re engrained in the city’s environmental networks, particularly those of the University’s Environmental Change Institute. Working in Oxford is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a buzzing environmental scene, with open door lectures given on a weekly basis by the world’s premiere environmental practitioners. 

As a city Oxford is an utterly fantastic place to live. With beautiful countryside at your fingertips, world class sporting facilities, a thriving music scene, more restaurants than you can shake a stick at and thousands of students all going about town, this is a great opportunity to get a feel of the London life without the long commutes!

Award-winning B Corp and one of the first Certified B Corporations in the UK

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Immerse yourself in a buzzing environmental scene.

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