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We all have a carbon footprint. As we work to reduce it, we can take full responsibility for our climate impact by offsetting emissions. By using this carbon calculator to offset your footprint, you’ll be supporting best practice projects that help the environment and local communities worldwide.

Why offset with us?

  • We’ve been tackling climate change and improving lives since 1997
  • To date, we’ve reduced 51 million tonnes of CO2e and improved 46 million lives
  • We deliver some of the largest carbon offsetting programmes in the world

An award-winning profit with purpose Certified B Corporation, we’re recognised as setting the highest standards in our sector.

If you have a complex footprint or you know that you will need to offset over 2,000 tonnes, please get in touch and we can offer you more bespoke support.

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Here’s how offsetting your emissions helps

All of the projects you can support by offsetting your CO2 emissions through ClimateCare include the highest-quality credits from carbon reduction and avoidance projects around the world, whilst also delivering significant sustainable development impact  – and all at an affordable price.

Here are just some of the projects you can support:

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Please note, these are currently in beta testing - so do let us know any issues you or your customers encounter while using them.

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