Embed Our Carbon Calculators

Be one of the first to embed our new carbon footprint calculators on your website, and enable your customers to offset their emissions.

In addition to helping your stakeholders take action to tackle climate change, research shows that giving customers the option to offset their carbon emissions can improve brand perception by 40%. 

Make it easy for your customers to measure and offset their carbon emissions by embedding a version of our carbon calculator into your website. In addition to our full carbon footprint calculator, we also have bespoke versions for organisations and their customers  in the aviation, e-commerce and travel sectors.

We can customise these calculators and even build them into your booking process if required. You are also given the opportunity to choose which carbon reduction projects you would like to support. 

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  • Maximum impact - Through our calculators your customer offsetting will fund highest quality carbon reduction projects that deliver positive impact for the environment and local communities.
  • Meet customer demand - Research shows 88.2% of participants add offsetting to their bill when the option is selected by default, and 40% when it's not.
  • Low commitment and flexible - Freedom to use our calculators in the way that is best for your business.
  • PR and brand value - Research shows the option to offset improves brand perception by 40%.
  • Staff motivation - Companies that take climate action improve employee motivation and engagement.
  • No complex calculations - We've done the hard work, which minimises development costs.

Take Climate Action Today

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