Carbon Neutral Operations

ClimateCare has created Carbon Neutral Programmes for hundreds of organisations. 

Whilst they work to reduce their carbon footprint, we help them take full responsibility for their residual carbon emissions through bespoke offset programmes, which also deliver positive environmental, social impact and business outcomes.

We offer a complete package of support for organisations looking to take responsibility for their carbon emissions and become Carbon or Climate Neutral.

Why go Carbon Neutral?

Carbon Neutral programmes play a vital role in accelerating the global transition towards Net Zero by enabling organisations to take full responsibility for their carbon emission today, while they plan and deliver longer term changes. Our programmes focus on deep internal reductions and avoidance of emissions, while using verified external Emission Reductions to compensate for any residual emissions.

The business case

Investors, customers and your employees - are looking for your business to step up and take responsibility for its impact on the climate. 

Going Carbon (or Climate) Neutral will help you demonstrate robust and measurable action. As a result it can build brand value, improve customer acquisition  and increase staff loyalty. By putting an internal price on carbon emissions, you also help raise awareness of the cost of carbon across the business. This can help you drive further reduction activities.

We provide our clients with support to set targets, measure, report and communications progress, so you can demonstrate the positive impacts of your programme to your stakeholders, with confidence.

Carbon Neutral Products & Services

We can help you create the climate neutral products and services your customers want.

Quick facts

  • Alongside measures to reduce emissions, carbon offsetting is a recognised way to compensate for your remaining carbon footprint. To become carbon neutral you will need to have your carbon footprint measurement independently verified.
  • Carbon offsetting is a highly regulated and robust industry. To generate and sell carbon credits, project developers must show that the reductions would not have happened without their project, with any claims verified by two independent parties.
  • When you offset, carbon credits are retired for you on a public registry, meaning they cannot be used more than once.

Take Climate Action Today

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