Carbon Neutral Products & Services

You’ve taken responsibility for your organisation’s carbon emissions, but what about the climate impact when customers use your products?

We can help you create climate neutral products and services, and make it easy for your customers, staff and suppliers to do the right thing. Not only will this demonstrate your commitment to the planet, it will also help improve customer loyalty and win new business.

Our experience shows that allowing your customers to choose climate neutral products can not only boost the positive outcomes you can deliver for people and the environment, it can also build brand loyalty, improve recruitment and staff retention, and drive new business opportunities.

We help organisations deliver:

  • Integrated programmes that encourage customers, staff and suppliers to offset emissions through your chosen project/s, allowing you to amplify the impact of your Climate Neutral Programme and create a sense of united action.
  • Shared Funds, which allow customers to make a quick and simple contribution to a programme that delivers positive social and climate outcomes.
  • Pay As You Go models, which embed a customer offset option into the booking or purchase path.

Our expert team will develop the right option for your organisation, creating a robust and cost effective customer programme that delivers real environmental and business value.

Quick facts

  • Carbon neutral products can help you win new customers by attracting the 33% of consumers who choose to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good.
  • Carbon neutral products improve customer and staff retention by demonstrating responsible business and making it easy for them to do the right thing.
  • Carbon neutral products enhance your brand by showcasing best practice action in tackling climate change and helping your stakeholders do the same.
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Our expert team will develop the right option for your organisation.

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