Aviation and Shipping

Emissions from aviation and shipping continue to rise, and by 2050 are expected to make up 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions. We can help you neutralise these emissions now, ahead of imminent legislation, and as changes in technology and consumer behaviour are implemented.

Our role

Governments and the travel sector need to work together to reduce emissions, whilst the public can also play their part through lifestyle changes and travel choices.

Globally, industry initiatives such as CORSIA, which will require airlines to offset carbon emissions, are on the agenda. More locally, individual countries are taking immediate action –  the UK, for example, is reviewing compulsory carbon offset programmes across the travel sector.

We are experts in developing carbon offset programmes for the aviation sector. With extensive experience delivering large-scale compliance programmes, we work with airlines to manage their future price and supply risk for complying with government legislation. Policy makers are also drawing on our expertise to help shape the rules for CORSIA and ensure its environmental integrity.

Our Programmes

The travel sector as a whole, and aviation and shipping in particular, has a substantial carbon footprint. That’s why we help consumers take immediate action to compensate for this through customer offset programmes.

We are the selected partner for IATA – the International Air Transport Association, which represents 290 airlines and 82% of air traffic – offering their members a turn-key customer offset solution.

We operate and manage some of the largest customer carbon offset programmes in the world, and work with partners to develop bespoke programmes that meet their exact requirements.

Our communications experts can help you engage your customers and encourage behaviour change. We then deliver carbon reductions through projects that align with your business, for example those:

  • Using specific clean energy technologies
  • In locations that mean something to your business
  • That deliver important social or environmental impact

For larger clients, we can also create bespoke projects.

Take Climate Action Today

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