Net Zero Programmes

  • Transition to Net Zero with an award-winning Certified B Corporation

Our bespoke programmes bring together the right Net Zero strategy for your business, and help you start taking action today.

More than 70 countries and nearly 2,000 companies have already committed to work towards Net Zero and new companies are making commitments every day.

Your business can move towards Net Zero in three ways:

  • Reduce: Set and deliver against science-based targets to cut emissions.
  • Avoid: Finance emission avoidance activities elsewhere, reducing global emissions.
  • Remove: Finance activities that remove or sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

Our team will help your organisation go Climate Neutral today, demonstrating full responsibility for your current carbon footprint while you transition towards Net Zero. And we will develop a long term plan to secure carbon avoidance and removal credits - be that through our existing or new projects.

Along the way our expert team will help you identify opportunities to generate value for your business through climate neutral products and services. We will also support you to ensure communications are robust, accurate and build brand value.

Why partner with us?

  • We deliver some of the largest carbon offsetting programmes in the world
  • We’ve been tackling climate change and delivering sustainable development since 1997
  • To date, we’ve reduced 51 million tonnes of CO2 and improved 46 million lives

Navigating the path to Net Zero

Practical steps your business can take towards Net Zero

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ClimateCare's expert team will help you identify opportunities to generate value for your business.

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51 million Tonnes CO2e reduced

46 million Lives improved globally

Carbon Neutral Organisations

We can help you take responsibility for your climate impacts and go Carbon Neutral right away.

Take Climate Action Today

Contact us to turn your climate responsibilities into positive outcomes for people, the planet and your business.