Energy Sector

We’re experts in developing carbon neutral programmes for the energy sector. We are here to help you build 100% carbon neutral gas into your energy tariffs.

Demand is growing significantly for green energy tariffs, with more and more organisations now offering 100% renewable electricity to their customers.

Carbon neutral gas is a natural next step for you to realise the customer acquisition and retention benefits offered by green credentials. ClimateCare can help you access and maximise this new business opportunity.

Our Role

We help energy companies deliver:

  • Carbon neutral gas tariffs underpinned by high-quality carbon offsets
  • Robust project portfolios that balance deliver tangible outcomes for people and planet
  • Innovative programmes that evolve with your ambition and align to your key requirements
  • Accurate and impactful communications to help engage your customers

Watch the recording of our webinar on the subject to find out more.

Quick facts

  • Climate neutral products can help you win customers by attracting the 33% of consumers who choose to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good.
  • Provision of 100% renewable electricity is becoming mainstream, and many suppliers are now exploring doing the same with UK biogas. However, this has time, finance and implementation barriers; there is a clear need for a solution now.
  • Carbon offsetting is a legitimate way to offer climate neutral gas tariffs while local biogas production expands to meet demand. In addition, the diverse social and environmental impacts of these projects offer a variety of communications opportunities to engage your customers.

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