Investment Sector

A robust and transparent ESG policy is no longer a nice to have, rather, it is a necessary part of all successful investment strategies.

Why act now?

Driven by climate aware consumers, investors and regulation, the investment world is responding by decarbonising their investment portfolios and placing ESG at the core of their corporate strategy. For example, 81% of private equity managers already integrate ESG into their investment process, and the largest focus is managing climate-related risks and opportunities.

A climate neutral approach can help attract new investment, as potential investors are increasingly selecting opportunities and partners with strong climate credentials. Indeed, a report published by Nordea Equity Research found that companies with the highest ESG ratings outperformed the lowest-rated firms by as much as 40%.

Taking climate action is good for business

Investment firms should take responsibility for their carbon emissions in a way that delivers real, measurable results for the environment, global consumers and their business.

Read our article in the Sunday Times Responsible Investment supplement.

Developing your climate strategy

To ensure your ESG strategy is robust and takes full responsibility for your greenhouse gas emissions, it must include a suite of simultaneous actions:

  • Measure your impact and set targets to decarbonise your investments and reduce your direct emissions.
  • Compensate for your impact from day one with a robust carbon offset programme that contributes to the science-based, global carbon targets.
  • Communicate this action with confidence through a programme of transparent, engaging messaging.

Take Climate Action Today

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