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Marine transport is responsible for 940 million tonnes of carbon entering our atmosphere a year, around 2.5% of global emissions1. The shipping sector is facing increasing pressure from supply chain, investors, and industry bodies to accelerate the low carbon transition and take climate responsibility. More businesses are starting to take action with 68% of global GDP now being covered by Net Zero commitments2.

Why act now?

We must reach Net Zero by 2050 and halve global emissions by 2030 if we are to prevent catastrophic climate change. If business as usual continues, shipping emissions could increase by between 50% and 250% by 20501. Many companies are trialling new environmental technologies and alternative fuels to cut shipping emissions, but this is expensive, limited in current scalability, and will take time. Time is something we do not have when fighting the climate crisis.

By providing your customers with the sustainable shipping solution they need, you can retain and expand your client base and secure the future of your business.

Our Role

We offer a variety of carbon neutral shipping solutions to fit the ambition, scale, budget and commitment level of your business. Our technical and communications expertise can help realise your business potential at this pivotal time for the shipping sector.

  • We will work closely with you to develop a bespoke carbon neutral shipping proposition for your clients. 
  • From defining the key priorities such as model, budget and scale, to maximising outreach to your existing and prospective clients, we can support you in creating a programme which works both within, and for your business.
  • Importantly, ClimateCare’s reputation as a leader in quality and integrity within the voluntary carbon market means you can stand behind the programme with confidence.
  • We have helped shape the voluntary carbon market over the last 20 years and continue to do so with governments, taskforce groups and through project development. This unprecedent market expertise enables us to manage risks and opportunities for our clients both today and looking ahead in a market where demand is already outstripping supply.
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    The experts at ClimateCare helped us devise a programme, aligned to our core business, which is transforming lives. We’ve seen directly what a difference we can make by focusing on issues and challenges that are of critical importance to us as a business.

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    1. Reducing emissions from the shipping sector (European Commission). Access here.
    2. Net Zero pledges go global, now action needs to follow words - Oxford-ECIU report (University of Oxford). Access here.

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