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  • We guide our selected project partners from feasibility stage to carbon credit issuance and beyond.

As more corporates set ambitious climate targets, there is growing  demand for new carbon reduction projects around the world. 

However, in order to tap into this demand, project developers must negotiate complex processes and ensure their project is able to deliver the robust climate and sustainable development outcomes the market demands.

ClimateCare helped form the voluntary carbon market and the standards by which it operates. It has over 20 years’ experience delivering positive impact on climate, environment and society through a network of leading projects across the globe with measurable outcomes.  

We guide our selected project implementation partners from feasibility stage to carbon credit issuance and beyond.  We have market access to some of the world’s leading organisations and investors that can financially support carbon projects through the sale of carbon credits. Voted Best Project Developer in the Voluntary Carbon market 2020, ClimateCare is best known for delivering the highest quality projects.

Why choose ClimateCare?

By developing a carbon project in partnership with ClimateCare, project developers benefit from unparalleled market access, technical know-how achieved through our long-standing project development experience, and market intelligence that comes with being in the market for over 20 years.  We can help you develop and scale your projects, increasing their impact and your business.  

Access to corporate demand

ClimateCare has recently merged with Natural Capital Partners making us one of the leading sellers in the voluntary carbon market. We have financed over 100 million tonnes of CO2 reduction and bring a long-standing client base of several hundred organisations across the globe. We run some of the largest corporate offsetting schemes in the world with an enviable 96% client retention rate. We work with our clients to secure their long-term offsetting positions through structured investments in projects from development stage through to credit issuance.  If selected to work with us, you will be positioned within an exclusive group of the best climate action projects – our reputation is built on quality and that is what both  existing and new clients rely on us for.​ 

Access to finance

ClimateCare brings financing to development projects, from the earliest feasibility stage through the life of the project in return for verified carbon credits. ClimateCare’s relationships with corporate clients and investors allows us to structure development financing that meets the needs of the project throughout its life, leaving you to focus on what you do best - running on-the-ground project activities and delivering impacts. 

Access to technical expertise

Not only do we advise and support project developers around the world, but we’re also award-winning project developers ourselves, with a long-standing project development office in Nairobi. We understand what it takes to develop a high quality project. 

We work with all the high-integrity voluntary carbon standards and participate in the technical advisory groups of a number of the standards. ClimateCare lead authored the Gold Standard methodology that first allowed carbon finance for clean cooking and adapted this for safe water projects. We have recently developed a new Gold Standard methodology for electrical and metered cooking appliances, and we are at the forefront of applying new standard approaches such as SD VISta for the Sustainable Development Goals.  

ClimateCare has hands-on experienced helping Governments meet their climate ambitions too. For example we advised the Kenyan Government on its NDC submission, we negotiate internationally traded Government-to-Government credits and have secured Government agreements in Africa for the recognition of voluntary projects. This can help us bring together public and private sector finance for project development or expansion.

Access to voluntary carbon market expertise

Working with ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners will give your organisation access to key market insights built on over 20 years as industry leaders.  ClimateCare is a founding member of the voluntary carbon market’s industry association, ICROA and we sit on a number of advisory committees. These include Mark Carney’s Taskforce on Scaling the Voluntary Carbon Market, the Gold Standard’s Energy Advisory Board and the Project Developers’ Forum. These give us insight into the markets both now and as they evolve.

Partnership track record for our exclusive projects.

We are highly selective in our choice of project partners – working only with those that are of highest quality and specialising in those that deliver positive impacts for people and nature, as well as robust carbon reductions. As a vertically integrated organisation – working from project development right through to corporate client delivery, we are perfectly placed to match your project development with changing market requirements.

Most corporates, governments, and intergovernmental organisations work with a trusted partner such as ClimateCare, to help them secure the right combination of carbon credits and new project development to meet their needs. This includes understanding and working with their requirements for price, their appetite for risk and the breadth of project locations, technologies and outcomes they require. The majority do not support one project. Instead they buy a bespoke combination of credits from a range of existing projects that will meet their current carbon neutrality requirements and,  at the same time, invest in new project development to meet their future Net Zero position. In addition, they look for an expert partner to carry out due diligence on their projects, manage ongoing reporting and help them to communicate their activity to stakeholders. Working with ClimateCare allows us to mix your project into such portfolios and tap into this complex and growing demand.

Our extensive track record of project support covers a wide breadth of world leading projects such as: 

  • Gyapa™ Cookstoves project  one of the largest providers of cookstoves direct to consumers in Ghana.
  • 14 Trees, Durabric® bricks eliminates the need for kiln firing. The company now hopes to use the proceeds of carbon finance to double its production of Durabrics® compared to the previous year.
  • Aqua Clara, a water purification project in Kenya
  • Water Filtration and Improved Cookstoves, Guatemala - Bringing health benefits to more than 230,000 people in Guatemala.
  • SELCO Solar Energy Access, India - Granting energy access to 945,140 households in India through solar lighting and renewable energy.
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This project is a great example of how a partnership which combines local and international expertise – ClimateCare, Ghana partner, SUDRA, and Relief International is delivering a long-term, sustainable, supply of fuel efficient stoves that fit the needs of local Ghanaian families.

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Ann Koontz - Senior Vice President for Technical Assistance, Relief International


We are open to proposals for carbon projects at all stages of development seeking finance and development support to deliver emissions reductions and improve lives.

Nature-based projects include:
Energy projects include:
  • Forest conservation (REDD+)
  • Renewable electricity and heat
  • Agroforestry
  • Bioenergy
  • Afforestation & Reforestation (ARR)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable agricultural land management (SALM)
  • Cookstoves
  • Blue carbon (mangrove/wetland restoration and conservation) )
  • Clean water access
  • Mobility and more

84%  of all issued voluntary water filter credits sold by ClimateCare

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Working with ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners will give your organisation access to key market insights built on over 20 years as industry leaders.

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46 million lives improved globally

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The ClimateCare team has bought the knowledge and experience we needed to scale our project. As a result of their input, we are now able to provide safe water to more people and deliver greater carbon savings as a result.

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John Nyagwencha - CEO, Aqua Clara Kenya

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