Project Development

We know what it takes to create and deliver impact on the ground. Voted Best Project Developer in the Voluntary Carbon Market, our team of experts have over 20 years’ experience, designing and delivering projects that both reduce carbon emissions and improve lives.

Projects around the world and in your supply chain

Working with project partners around the globe our team create and scale carbon reduction projects in locations that matter to your organisation. From tree planting and peat conservation in the UK, to renewable energy, clean cooking and safe water projects around the world. We can also work with you to develop projects within your supply chain.

Focus on outcomes

We use robust project methodologies, coupled with regular reporting and independent verification of carbon reduction and other sustainable development outcomes. This means our clients can be proud of their impacts and confidently communicate the outcomes to stakeholders.

Project Types

We are best known for delivering the highest quality carbon reduction projects that also improve people's lives, including: 

  • providing clean cooking and safe water to hard to reach communities
  • renewable energy solutions that protect the local environment and provide affordable, clean and reliable energy access to communities, often for the first time
  • delivering Nature Based Solutions in the UK and around the world.

Long term sustainability 

Our innovative financial models bring together multiple funding streams, helping us build sustainable projects that deliver lasting impacts for people and the environment.

New Methodologies

Our award-winning work regularly breaks new ground, and our team is experienced at writing new project methodologies and impact measurement frameworks.

Have a project that could benefit from carbon finance?

We can help you secure up front funding and long term carbon finance for your project. We have experience across a wide range of compliance and voluntary market projects – from registration to issuance. 

We can also commercialise the carbon credits you generate, structuring secure, high value carbon offtake agreements with corporates and government within compliance regimes as well as the voluntary carbon market. 

Contact us for more information about:

  • Commercialisation of carbon credits - securing long term finance for your project.
  • Carbon asset development – support from feasibility through to issuance.
  • Social impact measurement and commercialisation.
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We are best known for delivering the highest quality projects...

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