Land Restoration in Brazil

  • Technology: Forestry and Land Use
  • Region: South America

The Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul was once a densely forested area. However, following years of extensive cattle ranching and soybean cultivation, up to 70% of the region's vegetation has now been cleared. Poor agricultural practices, due to a lack of knowledge and resources, has further depleted the quality of the soil and its nutrients. This loss of good topsoil disrupts the area's natural ecosystem, lowers its ecological values and threatens local farmer's annual yields and incomes as a result.

The Serra do Sudeste Landscape Restoration and Reforestation Project aims to address this issue through Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) – a process where human intervention ’kickstarts’ the restoration of barren land to a rich and mature forest. 

Of the 1,047-hectare site, which is owned by a local family, 394 ha of it will be planted with 30+ different species of native flower and fruit-bearing trees. An olive orchard of 20 ha will also be created as part of an agroforestry system.

These activities will capture 6,994 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere each year and, at the same time, protect the natural habitats of numerous indigenous animal and plant species. The project will also deliver long-term community benefits. Through training in ANR, local farmers and landowners will develop the skills to adopt nature-inclusive farming techniques. They will also earn an income from the sequestered carbon, reducing their reliance on unsustainable cattle farming and strengthening financial stability and growth.

  • Situated between two ecologically rich biomes, increases in forest cover offer natural habitats for animal and plant species in both systems
  • Long-term plans to create wildlife corridors by linking surrounding forests
  • Regenerative agriculture aligned with the social and cultural values of the area

Download the Serra do Sudeste project factsheet

Serra do Sudeste Project Factsheet

PDF, 1.2MB


1,047 Hectares under sustainable management

30+ Different tree species planted

20 Mammals and bird species protected

What the carbon finance delivers

Carbon finance supports all elements of this project, from design and implementation, to monitoring and scaling.

Without carbon finance, local farmers and landowners would not have the knowledge, resources or stable source of income to move away from cattle ranching and unsustainable farming methods.

The funds also support the creation Location Hubs to help scale the project in the area of Serra do Sudeste. The goal is to encourage neighbouring landowners to see regenerative farming and carbon revenues as a viable alternative to their current activities.

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