Carbon Finance is Supporting Craftspeople Faced by Eviction in Ghana

Published 30th May 2019 by ClimateCare

Gyapa is a Climate+Care project producing efficient Gyapa cookstoves. By cutting emissions of carbon and other pollutants compared to traditional stoves, these help tackle climate change and the negative health effects of indoor air pollution (that kills more people than tuberculous and malaria combined), while also providing skilled employment to metal workers, ceramicists, and local retailers.

While Gyapa stove manufacturers based in the Kumasi market benefit from their central location, they do not own or have rights to their own land. Recently, the precariousness of this arrangement has been made clear: businesses and producers based in the market have been issued with eviction notices as the city authorities pull down the old, informal buildings to replace them with a modern market.

Carbon finance has allowed SUDRA, ClimateCare’s partner on the ground, to step in and support the manufacturers faced with eviction. The project has purchased land and built a brand new high-spec production facility which will give Gyapa stove manufacturers more space and an improved working environment.

Following relocation to the new facility, stove producers will continue to operate as independent businesses. While much of the work to produce the stoves will remain unchanged, the production facility will provide access to new equipment – such as a paint spraying system – which will free up time to produce more liners; time once spent manually painting each metal stove liner.

Importantly, the new facility will not just have a positive impact on production and efficiency but will also provide a modern high-quality working environment to Gyapa stove producers – including, for example, running water and modern bathrooms which are an improvement on the rudimentary facilities available in the Kumasi central market.

Turning a crisis into an opportunity by creating a more secure and professional working environment demonstrates the often-unexpected ways that carbon finance adds value.

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About the Gyapa Project: This project makes insulated and efficient cookstoves available to people in Ghana. The Gyapa stove cooks food more quickly than conventional cookstoves, requires less fuel and produces fewer smoky fumes. This protects families health, while using less fuel both boosts disposable household income and helps to protect Ghana’s dwindling forests. The project also creates skilled employment opportunities for local manufacturers. Prior to the launch of this project, there was no mass market for improved stoves. This was due to the low income of most of the population and their customary use of low-cost stoves. Carbon revenues are used to ensure longevity of the project and the needs of our partners vary over time.  In the past funds have been used to finance aspirational marketing using TV, radio, billboards, community demonstrations and sales campaigns.  Currently they’re being used to ensure quality control, which in turn drives word-of-mouth sales. Funds are being used to improve manufacturing techniques to increase production levels. Find out more about how we work with Gyapa to reduce emissions and deliver on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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The new facility will not just have a positive impact on production and efficiency but will also provide a modern high-quality working environment to Gyapa stove producers.

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