Carbon Innovation for Business Impact

Published 12th July 2021 by ClimateCare

Our colleagues at Natural Capital Partners have published a new white paper on the role of carbon finance in accelerating innovative climate solutions. 

Since the Paris Agreement was adopted in 2015, the scale of corporate climate ambition has been growing - and at an exponential rate. More and more organisations are making carbon finance a critical part of their emission reduction strategies. But what’s next? How can they demonstrate greater impact and leadership at this inflection point for climate action?

Carbon Innovation for Business Impact is designed to offer practical approaches for businesses to maximise their carbon offsetting programme.

To meet ambitious climate targets and to keep global temperature rise below 1.5ºC in line with the Paris Agreement, we need both the tried and tested and the innovative solutions that are only just beginning.

This new white paper outlines how to navigate today's landscape of carbon finance solutions; it assesses the project types that are currently available and also those on the horizon so your company can make informed business decisions. 

What were considered 'innovations' not so long ago have become integral to climate action. In 2019, solar installations were almost 15 times higher than in 2010. For wind power, which started earlier, it was three to four times. Carbon finance was one enabler of this progress, and it continues to be a highly effective tool in driving forward solutions that will make real change possible.

Carbon innovation creates a pathway to make more practical solutions available. As a technology or project type becomes viable, a carbon methodology can be applied to make it accessible and scalable. At the same time, it allows established methodologies with measurable impacts - including community-based and nature-based solutions - to grow and expand.

We invite you to download the report and get in touch to find out how we can help you incorporate innovative carbon solutions into your climate strategy, whilst supporting existing high quality projects. 

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