Is Carbon Offsetting Really Helping FMCG Brands Save the Planet?

Published 26th March 2021 by ClimateCare

Our Director of Business Development, Oliver Forster was interviewed for a piece in The Grocer on carbon offsetting in the FMCG sector.

Reflecting on the increase in demand for carbon offsetting from food and beverage companies, Oliver explained this is primarily being driven by the recognition that - alongside direct emission reductions - offsetting is a vital tool in achieving Net Zero targets.

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“The critical thing about offsetting is that it’s definitely not a silver bullet and it must be part of a broader climate strategy. For most companies that means measure, reduce, and then offset is the third part. What you can’t reduce immediately on your journey to Net Zero you can use offsetting to compensate for the emissions you make.”

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Oliver Forster, Director of Business Development

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