ClimateCare Ranked Best Project Developer in Voluntary Carbon Market

Published 15th September 2020 by ClimateCare

This year’s Environmental Finance Voluntary Carbon Market Survey – an industry voted award series – ranks ClimateCare as the Best Project Developer Overall. ClimateCare also won Best Project Developer Public Health and Best Wholesaler.

Since it was founded in 1997, ClimateCare has led the way in developing what it calls Climate+Care projects, which are designed up front to tackle climate change and improve people’s lives.

It has developed new project methodologies, piloted innovative projects and helped to scale them. The team lead authored the Gold Standard methodologies which first allowed carbon finance for clean cooking and safe water projects. As a result, hundreds of these projects are now operational and making a real difference for people and the planet.

As just one example, the Gyapa™ cookstove project, a partnership between ClimateCare and Relief International, has avoided over 4 million tonnes of CO2 over 10 years and saved families across Ghana more than $165 million on fuel – savings that families use for school fees, healthier food, and medicine

As a result of its leadership in this area, since 2013, when the award was first established, ClimateCare has consecutively ranked as the world’s number one Project Developer – Public Health.

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This year it’s really heartening to see the industry we work with – our clients and competitors, acknowledging our leading work in project development by also voting us Best Project Developer Overall. It’s a reflection of our scale and the fact that as demand for carbon projects increases – the market is actively seeking projects that meet multiple UN Global Goals as standard – something that is at the heart of our unique Climate+Care approach.

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Vaughan Lindsay, CEO at ClimateCare

As well as a leading project developer – the rankings list ClimateCare as the Best Wholesaler.

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The ClimateCare team prides itself on its relationship with buyers and finding the right projects to meet their requirements. We are acknowledged as the leader in charismatic project development and this in turn means that companies across the market come to us when they are looking for the type of high quality, multiple impact projects we specialise in. Increasingly they are also turning to us to fulfil all their requirements as they appreciate our market access and ability to provide quality projects and portfolios across the scale and breadth of the market.

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Elizabeth Williams, Director of Portfolio Management for ClimateCare

The team at ClimateCare continue to push boundaries in the creation and growth of projects that cut carbon, protect the environment and improve lives. The team are currently working on new methodologies, including one that will allow carbon finance to support electric cooking projects through Gold Standard for the first time. And, it continues to expand its project work around the world – including in the UK. Exciting new developments include the use of mycorrhizal fungi to restore degraded land, and a project that saves on average 14 trees for every house built, by removing the need to kiln fire bricks.

To find out more about ClimateCare’s existing projects and opportunities to support innovative new project developments, please contact our team

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