Companies who offset lead the way in carbon management says report

Published 2nd March 2020 by ClimateCare

If you offset your carbon emissions with ClimateCare, then you are in good company.

A report: The Bottom Line: Taking Stock of the Role of Offsets in Corporate Carbon Strategies, shows that organisations who offset emissions are more likely to:

  • Have a comprehensive carbon management strategy in place
  • Establish an emissions reduction target
  • Engage customers and employees with sustainable behaviour change
  • Switch to cleaner transportation
  • Design more sustainable products
  • Install low carbon energy
  • Make buildings and processes more energy efficient.

According to the report, the typical offset buyer cut almost 17% of their scope 1 (direct) emissions, while the typical non offset buyer reduced scope 1 emissions by less than 5% in the same year.

The report highlights that companies offset for two main reasons. Some ‘use offsetting as a last resort, squeezing every last tonne of carbon dioxide out of their own operations before investing externally’. Others use offsets as a bridge to buy time, while they work out how to reduce emissions directly. Either way, the report explains that offsetting is ‘an indicator that a carbon management strategy is in place‘.

Whilst not everyone shouts about their offsetting activity, 265 leading businesses reported that they offset their carbon emissions, based in 32 countries and across every continent. Four out of five of these offset buyers are voluntary rather than driven by regulatory obligations – the top 100 companies are listed in the report.

Read the full report here.

You might also be interested in reading about the positive economic, environmental and social impacts offsetting delivers against the UN global sustainable development goals here.

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“Offsetting is a valid way to reduce global carbon emissions quickly and cost effectively, because it recognises that there are barriers to an immediate shift to low emission or no emissions business models.” Christiana Figueres Former Head of UNFCCC

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