How to become Net Zero 2: How Climate Neutral fits with Net Zero

Published 28th September 2020 by ClimateCare

Going Climate Neutral is an important component in the journey to Net Zero. It’s something your business can do today. And it’s the only way to take full responsibility for your current carbon footprint.

As the diagram below shows, going Climate Neutral today compensates for your existing carbon footprint immediately. This status should then be maintained whilst you take steps to reduce your emissions as close to zero as possible, in line with a science based target.

In time the size of your footprint will reduce and the amount you need to compensate for will reduce.

It’s widely agreed that your organisation will become Net Zero at the point it reaches its science based carbon reduction target, and compensates for all its remaining emissions.

You should work with an accredited ICROA provider to develop a robust strategy to offset your current emissions. This can include supporting existing carbon avoidance and removal projects, developing new projects and insetting through your supply chain.

Your Climate Neutral strategy will help you take immediate action, and set you on course to meet your Net Zero target.

For help to set and implement a Climate Neutral or Net Zero programme for your business, contact Oliver Forster and his team.

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