Seven Net Zero and Carbon Offsetting Myths, Busted

Published 16th April 2021 by ClimateCare

Our CEO, Vaughan Lindsay, busted some common myths about carbon offsetting and its role in achieving Net Zero goals in SME Today.

Vaughan explains that, while carbon offsetting is a robust, immediate and measurable way for SMEs to take responsibility for their existing carbon footprints, many businesses (both large and small) are still reluctant to offset their carbon emissions. Why? Largely because of myths that are out there around offsetting - which he goes on to bust. These include:

  1. SMEs are too small to offset
  2. Offsetting won’t tackle climate change
  3. Carbon offsetting is a step-by-step process
  4. Offsetting is just a guilt free way to carry on emitting
  5. Working from home means our footprint is low
  6. Going climate neutral is just for CSR
  7. Going climate neutral is the same as Net Zero
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“Organisations like WWF, SBTi, Oxford University, the UN and the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets, all agree that carbon offsetting plays a vital role on our journey to Net Zero.”

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Vaughan Lindsay, ClimateCare CEO

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