The Sunday Times - Taking Climate Action is Good for Business

Published 26th January 2021 by ClimateCare

ClimateCare CEO Vaughan Lindsay talks in the Sunday Times about how investment firms can take responsibility for their carbon emissions in a way that delivers real, measurable results for the environment, global consumers and their business.

He explains that there are real benefits throughout the private equity cycle and points to the Nordea Equity Research report that found companies with the highest ESG ratings outperformed the lowest-rated firms by as much as 40 per cent.

The article also features one of our clients, Triton Partners, a leading European firm invested in portfolio companies with combined sales of €17.4 billion.

Part of Triton’s investment strategy is to increase environmental ambition across its investment portfolio. It does this by raising awareness of climate related risks and opportunities, and supporting portfolio companies to take responsibility for carbon emissions through carbon offsetting. As a result, Triton hopes to build the value and resilience of its portfolio.

Will other companies follow suit? Absolutely. The time to act is now. A robust and transparent climate strategy is no longer optional in the investment sector. It’s an essential element of a successful investment strategy to attract new capital and manage climate-related risks, and harnesses the opportunities of an economy transitioning to a low-carbon state.

Read the article in full, and find out more about how we are working with companies across the investment sector including Standard Life Aberdeen.

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