The Transformative Work of Our Project and Client Partners

Published 20th July 2021 by ClimateCare

We’re proud to work with hundreds of projects and clients around the world to deliver positive outcomes for people and planet.

We produced the below infographics to demonstrate the transformative work of some of our partners – collectively reducing emissions by millions of tonnes and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Project partners

Client partners

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Experts have challenged the voluntary carbon market to grow by at least 15 times to help the world transition to Net Zero.

For us, that means a step change to scale our work. To do this we need to help organisations around the world take full responsibility for their emissions by offsetting them on the journey to, and at the point of Net Zero.

For us that means delivering almost 1 billion tonnes of carbon reductions and removals by 2030.

We are ready for the challenge.

Will you join us?

51 million tonnes CO2e avoided or removed

46 million Lives improved around the world

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Our partners find their Climate+Care programmes are good for business too

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